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About the company

In far 1996 when still the student of Akmolinsky State university of S.Sejfullina has seen the announcement of searching partners in Akmola «Pepsi International Bottlers» After long negotiations and meetings has been signed the first contract on delivery and production realization «Pepsi». Has been introduced one of the first in a city the delivery system in shops.

History of development of the Company «Astana Bottlers»

History of development of the Company «Astana Bottlers»

               ■ October, 1996 - signing of the contract and development of relations with «PEPSI International Bottlers»

               ■ January, 1997 - selection of the personnel by experts PEPSI and their training in Alma-Ata on base «PEPSI International Bottlers»

               ■ 1998-2004 - the Exclusive contract on Akmolinsky and Kustanay area from Open Company Raimbek Bottlers . Brands:" JUICY "," PALMA "," Ajnalajyn ".

               ■ 1998-2003 - the Exclusive contract with Open Company "Dinal". Brands: "Tien Shan", "Amstel", "Haineken".

               ■ 1998-2002 - the Official partner of Open Company "Winery Semireche". Brands: "Рахат", "Cahors wine", "Kajsar".

               ■ 2000 - 2004 - the Official partner of Open Company "Gold Product" Tourgensky wines

               ■ 2000-2005 - the Official distributor of the company «SAN INBEW» (the casting and packed up direction). Brands: "Stela Artua", "Hotguarden", "Klinsky", "the Siberian Crown", "Brahma", "Fat man".

               ■ In February, 2003 Open Company  «Astana Bottlers» was created, and there is begun building of an industrial complex, on manufacture and pouring of juice, nectars and UHT milk

               ■ April, 2006 - commercial pouring and start of manufacture of juice and nectars "Kariba"

               ■ April, 2007 - commercial pouring and start of manufacture of milk "Zhanym" and cold tea «Kariba ICE»

               ■ 2011 - the plan on start of nectars "World"

               ■ 2011 - the plan on baby food start


    Today  «Astana Bottlers» makes juice and nectars under a trade mark «Кariba», cold teas «Кariba ice» and the ultra pasteurized milk "Zhanym".

    On the end of 2010 manufacture start juice having drinks "Mirovoi" and juice for baby food "Balapan" is planned.

    At the enterprise the process equipment of leading world manufacturers is established: a line on preparation juice production firms "Manzini" (Italy), the automated lines of pouring juice production and pouring of dairy production (both lines of Austrian firm Combibloc), a line of acceptance and preparation of milk of German firm «KF Engineering».


    The specified process equipment allows applying the advanced technologies (aseptic manufacture, ultra pasteurization), as much as possible to keep initial nutrients, provides reliable control at all stages process. Packing of our production produced in Austria, the refined design and convenience in use distinguish.

    Quality of our production is under strict and continuous attention of laboratory of the enterprise, beginning from entrance control of raw materials and materials and ending with control of storage and finished goods shipment. For this purpose the laboratory is equipped by all necessary measuring apparatuses, reactants and technical documents.

    Employees of laboratory and technologists of the enterprise conduct regular work on introduction of the new production kinds, to assortment expansion.


    Active communication with the Kazakh Academy of a Food giving the big support of consulting and methodical character is supported. Brands «Кariba», «Кariba ice», "Zhanym" are awarded by a sign «Is approved and it is recommended the Kazakh Academy of a Food» to this prestigious organization. The committee on technical regulation, Gossanepidnadzor Committee, Commercial and industrial chamber regularly supervise our productions. We are a member of "the Dairy Union of Kazakhstan».

    Our company is the constant participant of regional and republican competitions of quality «the Golden price», the winner of regional competitions «the Golden price » 2007-2008.




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