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Milk of Zhanym

Milk of Zhanym
By working out of this brand, we aspired to cause warm feelings in our consumers and to connect its name with family values and a home cosiness. Naming its "Zhanym" - "soul" in transfer from the Kazakh language, we wanted to reflect that quality and heat which we put in manufacture of the given product. A slogan of the given product - «it is made with soul» - shows ours sincere desire to offer the consumer "a sincere" quality product. On the newest technology milk by manufacture is exposed to short-term heating (3-5с) to temperature 140°С and to sharp cooling to 20°С, and spreads in a sterile zone in 5 layer (2 layers a cardboard, 2 layers polyethylene, 1 layer of a foil) the package which provides long storage of a product without addition in it of preservatives.

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